JIRISAN (지리산) - Southeast Entrance 2 (Georim)

This is a small, lonely access point, reached via Jinju, Sancheong, or Deoksan. There are plenty of guesthouses (민박) and motels (모텔) along the road. The bus stop (버스 정류장) in Naedae-ri, however, is quite a ways from the trailhead (at least 2 km). Seseok Shelter, almost exactly in the middle of the ridge, is 6 steep and rocky kilometers from Georim trailhead.


Take a bus to Jinju (90 min) and then transfer to a local bus for Georim (about 90 min). Get off at the last stop and hike up the road 30 minutes to the ticket booth (매표소) and trailhead.

BUSAN Seobu Terminal ► JINJU Express Bus Terminal
Fare: W6,900
Duration: 70-80 minutes
05:40 ◄ Every 10-15 minutes ► 20:20 21:05 21:30

Fare: W5,000 (Naedae-ri) / W5,800 (Georim)
06:20 09:20 12:00 17:00


Hike down the road from the trailhead to the first bus stop in Naedae-ri. Catch a local bus to Jinju and then transfer to a bus for Busan.

I forgot to get return bus times from Georim to Jinju when I was there in September. If anyone goes out there, let me know the schedule so I can post it here. granpomadora@hotmail.com

JINJU Bus Terminal ► BUSAN Seobu Terminal
Fare: W6,900
05:50 – every 10-20 minutes - 21:10

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