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Korea's National Parks: An Introduction

The Highest Accessible Peaks in South Korea

My Hike Rating System


치악산 CHIAKSAN National Park: The Basics
■ 치악산 Chiaksan National Park Trail Map
HIKE 1: Birobong Loop (NEEDED)


덕유산 DEOGYUSAN National Park: The Basics
덕유산 Deogyusan National Park Trail Map
HIKE 1: Samgong Complex → Hyangjeokbong - 7.5 km / 2.5 - 3 hours
HIKE 2: Hyangjeokbong → Satgatjae → Hwangjeom Village - 12.6 km / 5.5-6 hours
HIKE 3: Yeonggaksa (Temple) → Nam Deogyusan → Satgatjae - 7.1 km / 3-3.5 hours (NEEDED)


가지산 GAJISAN Provincial Park: The Basics
가지산 Gajisan Provincial Park Trail Map
HIKE 1: Gajisan Ridge Loop - 4 hours
HIKE 2: Seongnamsa → Unmunsa - 5-6 hours (NEEDED)


가야산 GAYASAN National Park: The Basics
가야산 Gayasan National Park Trail Map
HIKE 1: Haeinsa → Sangwang / Chilbul Peaks - 4.5 km / 3 hours


한라산 HALLASAN National Park: The Basics
한라산 Hallasan National Park Trail Map
HIKE 1: Eorimok → Witseoreum Shelter - 4.7 km / 2 hours
HIKE 2: Yeongshil → Witseoreum Shelter - 3.7 / 2 hours
HIKE 3: Gwaneumsa Campground → Summit - 8.7 km / 4-5 hours
HIKE 4: Seongpanak → Summit - 9.6 km / 4.5 hours


지리산 JIRISAN National Park
Eastern Jirisan: The Basics
지리산 East Jirisan National Park Trail Map
East Entrance (Daewonsa)
Southeast Entrance 1 (Jungsan-ni)
Southeast Entrance 2 (Georim)
South Entrances (Ssanggyesa, Cheonghakdong & Daeseong-ni)

Western Jirisan: The Basics
지리산 West Jirisan National Park Trail Map

HIKE 1: Ssanggyesa → Cheonghakdong - 5-6 hours
HIKE 2: East Ridge Hike (Daewonsa → Georim) - 27 km / 9-11 hours
HIKE 3: West Ridge Hike (Hwa-eomsa → Byeoksoryeong Shelter) - 10 hours
HIKE 4: Full Ridge Hike (Hwaeomsa → Daewonsa) - 45 km / 19 hours (over a period of 2 to 3 days)
HIKE 5: Jungsan-ni Village → Cheonwangbong - 5.7 km / 4-5 hours

HIKE 6: Georim Village → Seseok Shelter - 6 km / 2-3 hours (NEEDED)
HIKE 7: Cheonghakdong Village → Seseok Shelter - 10 km / 4-6 hours (NEEDED)
HIKE 8: Baengmudong Village → Seseok Shelter - 6.5 km / 3-4 hours (NEEDED)
HIKE 9: Baengmudong Village → Jangteomok Shelter - 5.8 km / 2-3 hours (NEEDED)
HIKE 10: Daesong-ni → Seseok Shelter - 9.1 km / 4-5 hours
HIKE 11: Eumjang → Byeonksoryeong Shelter - 6.7 km / 3 hours (NEEDED)
HIKE 12: Banseon Village → Baemsagol Shelter - 9 km / 3-4 hours (NEEDED)
HIKE 13: Jikjeon → Imgeolryeong Ridge - 6 km / 3-4 hours (NEEDED)


주왕산 JUWANGSAN National Park: The Basics
주왕산 Juwangsan National Park Trail Map
HIKE 1: Daejeonsa → Juwangsan Peak - 1-1.5 hours (NEEDED)
HIKE 2: Daejeonsa → Geumeungwangi - 1.5-2 hours (NEEDED)
HIKE 3: Circle-Park Hike (Daejeonsa → Geumeungwangi → Hurimegi → Juwangsan → Daejeonsa) - 6.5-8 hours (NEEDED)


내장산 NAEJANGSAN National Park: The Basics
HIKE 1: Naejangsa-Naejangsan Loop - 2 hours (NEEDED)
HIKE 2: Naejangsa → Baekyangsa (NEEDED)


오대산 ODAESAN National Park: The Basics
오대산 Odaesan National Park Trail Map
HIKE 1: Sangwonsa-Birobong Loop - 6 km / 2-3 hours
HIKE 2: Sangwonsa → Dongdaesan - 17.3 km / 6.5 hours (NEEDED)
HIKE 3: Sogeum Service Complex → Jingogae - 13.3 / 4.5 hours (NEEDED)


설악산 SEORAKSAN National Park: The Basics
HIKE 1: Seorak-dong → Daecheongbong - 24 km / 8-10 hours
HIKE 2: Seorak-dong → Ulsanbawi (NEEDED)


속리산 SONGNISAN National Park: The Basics
속리산 Songnisan National Park Trail Map
HIKE 1: Chungbuk Alps Ridge Loop - 18 km / 4.5 hours
HIKE 2: Beopjusa → Munjangdae Loop - 15.5 km / 3.5 hours
HIKE 3: Beopjusa → Munjangdae Alternate Loop - 17 km / 4.5 hours
HIKE 4: Beopjusa → Munjangdae → Cheonhwangbong Loop - 19 km / 4.5 hours
HIKE 5: Beopjusa → Shinjeong Village (including Cheonhwangbong and Munjangdae) - 29 km / 7-7.5 hours


Busan Dongbu (Nopodong) Intercity Bus Terminal Timetable
Busan Seobu (Sasang) Intercity Bus Terminal Timetable
Gwangju Intercity Bus Terminal Timetable
Jinju Intercity Bus Terminal Timetable
Useful Korean Language for the Trail


Alex Zuccarelli's maps were created by combining information provided by the park service, his own hikes, and existing Korean maps. If he didn't check something personally (such as a bus stop or spring location), he didn't include it on map. Distances were provided by the park service.

치악산 Chiaksan National Park
내장산 Naejangsan National Park
팔공산 Palgongsan Provincial Park
소백산 Sobaeksan National Park
설악산 Seoraksan National Park
태백산 Taebaeksan Provincial Park


The following are from a set of high-resolution printable trail maps that many Koreans use for hiking. These maps are out-dated and not especially accurate, but for the more obscure parks and mountains in Korea, this is about as good as you'll get. At least you can get a idea of hiking times and access points.

○ Baegunsan (2.0 MB)
Located near Gwangyang in South Jeolla Province
○ Biseulsan / Johwabong (1.6 MB)
Located between Daegu and Cheongdo in North Gyeongsang Province
Cheonhwangsan / Jaeyaksan (2.5 MB)
Located near Miryang in South Gyeongsang Province (part of the Yeongnam Alps)
○ Cheonseongsan / Wonhyosan (1.5 MB)
Located near Yangsan in South Gyeongsang Province
Chilgapsan (1.7 MB)
Located near Jeongsan in South Chungcheong Province
Daedonsan (2.1 MB)
Located south of Daejeon in South Chungcheong Province
Deoksungsan / Yongbongsan (3 MB)
Located in Yesan County in South Chungcheong Province
Gayasan (not to be confused with the national park) / Seokmunbong (1.7 MB)
Located in Chungcheong Province
Geumosan (2.3 MB)
Located near Gumi in North Gyeongsang Province
Geumsan (2.5 MB)
Located in Seongju County in South Gyeongsang Province
Gyeryongsan (2.9 MB)
Located near Daejeon in South Chungcheong Province
Hwawangsan / Gwangryongsan (2.5 MB)
Located in Changnyeong County in South Gyeongsang Province
Maisan Provincial Park(2.5 MB)
Located in Jinan County in North Jeolla Province


Maggie said...

Re: Baekunsan

After looking at the map you posted (thanks!), a friend and I went to Baekunsan on Friday. Future hikers might like to know that at the moment Gwangyang city bus 20 runs to the bus stop marked below Seongbulsa. If you're at the Gwangyang bus terminal, you exit on the side with the Family Mart, turn right, and then go straight across the big traffic circle. The bus comes to the first bus stop you see on the same side of the road. We were told bus 21 went to the Baegunsa side from the same stop, but we didn't take it so I can't be sure.

We never fount the main trail from Seongbulsa to Dosolbong - even when we were on top of Dosolbong! We saw a seldom trod footpath, smaller than the one we came up on by ridgehiking an unofficial trail after scrambling to the ridge, which might have been it.. but we don't know where it would start. The only thing which seemed like an official trail from Seongbulsa to Dobolsong now runs from the temple garden up to the ridge, a bit above where the map says "Saejae". That also runs to Hyeongjebong and comes down around the bus stop area.

Sam said...

Great blog, great resource. My friends and I will be hiking Jirisan at the end of the month, and this site has been invaluable for our preperations. Cheers.